La Fonda on the Plaza shares a little history with La Posada

In 1958, during a particularly sad moment in La Posada’s history, the entire contents of the hotel were packed into boxcars and shipped to Albuquerque for auction. Most of the furnishings vanished forever. Only a handful of original items have come back to us over the years.

This is a story about things coming full circle. Our good friends at another wonderful historic Fred Harvey Hotel — La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico — are renovating their rooms and have offered us a large selection of the hand-painted historic furnishings that have graced their hotel for decades. We’re shuttling the furniture from Santa Fe in rental trucks, and La Posada owner Allan Affeldt arrived in Winslow with the first load on May 1st. We’ll be posting updates on this project and showing you some highlights from this historic furniture collection.

All of us at La Posada offer our thanks to all the folks at La Fonda on the Plaza who have helped keep this history “in the family.”

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