Winslow Arts Trust displays largest Navajo rug in the world

The Winslow Arts Trust has recently acquired the world’s largest Navajo Rug for display in the Route 66 Art Museum which will be located in the original Santa Fe Railroad train station located next to La Posada Hotel. This rug measures 26 by 36 feet and was commissioned by Lorenzo Hubbard Jr. in 1932. The rug was created by the Sam Joe family of Greasewood. It took three years to weave the rug on a specially made 30 foot wide by 10 foot tall loom. 78 head of sheep were sheared (60 white and 18 black) to gather the wool for the rug The rug traveled throughout the nation and was displayed at the New York’s World Fair in 1962. On May 1, 2012, the rug was briefly unrolled in its future home and measurements and images were taken to allow museum designers to create the proper environment for its future display. Renovation of the Route 66 Museum is scheduled to occur in the fall of 2012, with the first phase of the project (including the rug display exhibition hall) completed in the fall of 2013.

The rug on display in its future home in the Route 66 Art Museum located in the original railroad station next to La Posada Hotel. In this image the Winslow Harvey Girls are lined up at the west end of the exhibition space.
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