Winslow Arts Trust and Old Trails Museum present territorial town and ecological history exhibits and program

The Old Trails Museum and Winslow Arts Trust unveil a new photography exhibit, Territorial Town: Winslow, Arizona, from 1880 to Statehood, on Saturday, September 10, at La Posada Hotel, located at 303 East 2nd Street. The exhibit is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, and will be on display through early 2012.

The exhibit shares its title with the Old Trail Museum’s 2012 historical calendar, available for purchase at the end of September. Both the exhibit and calendar explore Winslow’s Territorial history, from the plotting of the townsite through the granting of Arizona statehood, and give a visual sense of what it was like for the city’s earliest residents.

The Old Trails Museum’s exhibit, Women of Winslow, will re-open that same Saturday at the Winslow Visitors Center/ Hubbell Trading Post, where it will be on display through early 2012. Both exhibit openings are part of the Winslow Historical Society’s Second Saturdays in Winslow series, which will explore Winslow’s diverse history over the next year in celebration of Arizona’s State Centennial on February 14, 2012.

Also on Saturday, September 10, the Winslow Arts Trust will host a talk and book signing by NAU Journalism Professor Peter Friederici from 2 to 3 p.m. Friederici will discuss What Has Passed and What Remains: Oral Histories of Northern Arizona’s Changing Landscape, the project that spawned the book and interactive kiosk of the same name. The kiosk features photographs, artifacts, and video of the oral history interviewees, and will be on display at La Posada through early 2012.

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